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Our services

Horizon Transport offers one of the largest groups of independent contractor pickup trucks in the country. We are currently being serviced by roughly 600 trucks that are driving about 20 million miles annually. Horizon truck contractors are equipped with all 3 types of hitches on their trucks (bumper, fifth wheel and gooseneck). This allows Horizon the flexibility to respond to "any" type of trailer movement order. These 600 contractors reside in all of the 48 states. Contractors who qualify to service Horizon must meet higher than industry standards to qualify. This is to help insure that you get the safest and most experienced contractor to service your transportation need. Some of our more notable standards are newer model truck requirements and every contractor must have 20,000 miles of combination vehicle driving experience before we approve their application.

Trailer commodities we deliver:
  • RV-travel trailer and fifth wheel
  • Boats
  • Commercial trailers

Horizon Transport currently utilizes a group of roughly 300 CDL qualified Drive-Away drivers. All Drive-Away contractors must possess a CDL (Commercial Driver's License) to qualify as a service contractor with Horizon. This qualification helps ensure that we are putting drivers on America's roadways that have proven their ability to handle large type vehicles like 40 foot motor homes, buses and trucks. Horizon has one of America's largest active contractor bases of Drive-Away drivers in the industry. We are currently delivering roughly 15,000 vehicles annually to all 48 states and Canada. Drive-Away drivers use a myriad of transportation methods after delivering their vehicles, like plane, train, bus, rental car and tow car.

Motorized Delivery Service

  • Motor homes
  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Tractors


Service Features

  • 25 Years Proven Experience
    Founded in 1984, Horizon has grown steadily initially specializing in moving recreational vehicles of all types and sizes. Horizon has expanded offering transportation to service all varieties of vehicles including commercial trucks, boats, buses, trailers, etc.
  • Competitive Rates
    By constantly monitoring fuel prices and overhead, Horizon holds the line to insure service is efficient and affordable
  • Fully Insured
    As one of the nations leading carriers in its field, Horizon maintains required insurance coverage to protect its customers. Horizon is fully insured in all 49 states and Canada
  • Serving All of North America including Canada and Alaska
    Besides transporting from, through and to all 48 continental states, Horizon delivers to and from Canadian provinces and Alaska
  • Custom Order Entry & Quoting 24/7
    Customers are capable of accessing a quote and offer order entry 24/7, via the Horizon website
  • Order Tracking
    From the convenience of your computer, you can monitor all aspects of your order and its progress
  • Dispatch 24/7
    Our contractor fleet can self dispatch giving your load 24/7 exposure to maximize efficiency
  • Safety Conscious Fleet
    Horizon high standards for new recruits and its fleet of contractors are second to none. Safety is paramount at Horizon. Contractors are constantly exposed to safety sensitive functions and education along with mandated compliance in accordance to DOT mandates for road travel.
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