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Eclipse Electronic logging program

Horizon now requires all contractors to use the Eclipse electronic logging program. Horizon offers all contractors the opportunity to use the Eclipse electronic logbook free of charge. If your application is approved, before you attend orientation, you will be asked to download Eclipse onto your laptop or tablet. Once you have scheduled an orientation date, you will receive a confirmation email which will contain Horizons special code. This code, along with your personal e-mail and basic personal information, will be required to activate the Eclipse program.

In order to download Eclipse upon your orientation confirmation, or if you would just like to test Eclipse using the trial version, you simply go to the website at http://www.logbook.com. Download the “Trial version” and if you have scheduled an orientation date, please enter Horizons code when requested. If you have any difficulties, the website has a Live help Chat line.
* Currently Eclipse only operates on Windows base operating systems

Besides being the equivalent of a loose leaf electronic log (easily correctable without wasting paper), Eclipse also offers the following advantages:

  • Calculates all hours including 70hrs, indicates all overages or mistakes in red.
  • Has a database of cities and towns which it searches as you type. Logs are clean and legible!
  • Screen past logs, try "what-if" comparisons
  • Optionally plan new trips in advance; track logs and available hours
  • Find Violations Before They're a Problem
  • Prepare Picture-Perfect Logs in a Hurry, up to 75% faster than paper logs or other systems
  • A Horizon specific form which allows other companies names as well
  • Send your submitted logs through the certified-fax service (with proof-of-delivery for any log!)
  • Our software is incredibly easy to use, and if you ever need help we're just a few clicks away.
  • Fly through your logs and inspections with our elegant interface.
  • Whether you track your time on-the-fly or pre-plan your trips, legal logs are easy.

Horizon and Brother Partnership provides small, rugged printers at discounted prices.

In order to meet the DOT requirement that electronic logs be able to be printed out, Horizon has partnered with Brother Products to offer our contractors a discounted price on their very small printers using advanced thermal technology (B&W only). While each contractor is free to use any printer of their choice, Brother Printers are not only small but built very ruggedly. These printers are used by many police officers and in many commercial applications. (One may have actually printed your last CLEAN DOT inspection report!) Because of their construction and unique benefits, most of these printers maintain a high percent of their retail value even after a couple years. Brother also provides many interesting carrying case options as well as truck mounting hardware (available upon request).

The Brother PocketJet 6 mobile printers, with 200 dpi resolution, provide a high-quality output while helping to lower the cost of mobile printing. The PocketJet 6 comes with integrated USB 2.0 and IrDA interfaces, and an optional Bluetooth technology interface is available.
Main Features:

  • Fast, full-page mobile printing - up to 6 ppm.
  • Prints on a variety of 8.5" wide thermal media.
  • High print quality – prints crisp text and images.
  • Low maintenance - no ink or ribbons to replace.
  • Compact size – fits in small places.
  • Optional power supply (LB3834) not included

Click this icon for product and pricing information.Brother flayer
Or to order, please visit the website: http://www.bcssolutions.com/horizon

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