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Horizon Transport Offers Opportunities to Increase Your Earnings!

Horizon drivers know that making money in transportation requires an approach that is skillful and efficient. There are a multitude of factors that limit and even work against the earnings potential of the Independent Contractor driver. Horizon Transport offers our drivers a variety of ways to routinely add cold, hard, cash money to the bottom line. Some examples include:

Horizon's Five-Star Safety Performance Bonus
This bonus is paid once a month for all dispatched miles successfully completed during the prior calendar month. The current bonus is $0.03 per loaded mile for all loaded miles. 5000 miles would pay an extra $150

Shuttle Income
Both our Tow-Away and Drive-Away divisions enjoy support from active Horizon Transport drivers who spend time working with the shuttle crew during busy periods. Simply inquire with dispatch when you're in town. Make a few extra dollars or a few hundred!

Service to Multiple Divisions
Horizon encourages all drivers to consider the advantages of working in more than one division. Some of the most advanced contractors own multiple power units and are also familiar with the Drive-Away component of our business. Down-time for these experienced individuals is very, very rare. Some have evolved their skills to a degree which affords multiple revenue options at any point in time. One version of this model involves providing return trips to Horizon's drive-away drivers who are delivering to "No-Tow"clients like United Parcel Service. Horizon dispatchers work closely with drivers to coordinate deliveries, making this possible.

Small Fleet Support
Horizon Transport has developed systems to accommodate individuals who desire to lease more than one truck at a time. Some of Horizon's most experienced owner-operators, those intimately familiar with the challenges of profitably owning and operating vehicles commercially, contract with or employ others to drive their vehicles within Horizon's dispatch system. Due to many requests from existing contractors, Horizon has made this type of small fleet lease available to our proven truck owners.

Booking Re-Loads
Sometimes Horizon drivers find their own re-loads! This is possible for certain types of cash or credit-worthy customers. Horizon pays its contractors at a higher rate for orders obtained outside the corporate sales process. This is truly a win-win situation for all involved and Horizon encourages our drivers to seek these opportunities.

Drive-Away Service encompasses the commercial transportation of vehicles under their own power, rather than transporting them on a flatbed trailer or via towing. Drive-Away contractors literally get in and drive vehicles to their destinations, for hire.
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Tow-Away Service encompasses the commercial transportation of towable vehicles (i.e. trailers). Tow-Away contractors own and operate their own "power unit". In the Recreational Vehicle Transport sector, a dual rear wheel (dually) pick-up truck is typically the power unit of choice.
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Flatbed Service encompasses the commercial use of a truck and trailer designed to carry one or more vehicles, like smaller RV Trailers. It also encompasses the use of trucks which are designed to haul one trailer and tow another.
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