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Horizon Transport has a strong commitment to contractor safety and the safety of the general public. Our first priority must always be safety. As drivers, staff and management, the continued emphasis on safe operations is paramount. There will be zero tolerance for unsafe practices. There will be zero tolerance for unsafe practices.

From the moment a contractor enters service for Horizon they are taught proper DOT logging requirements and those standards are rigidly audited to ensure contractor compliance. As of January 1st 2011 we will require each applicant to provide their Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's pre-employment screening program (PSP) report. To learn more about this program visit http://www.psp.fmcsa.dot.gov/Pages/default.aspx. We randomly drug test our fleet on a consistent basis. Horizon contractors are held to a very high standard. Only the best qualify as contractors to service Horizon Transport, Inc.

Horizon employs a very experienced staff of safety professionals whose job is to teach and discipline safety principals each day, to the contractor base.

The Horizon Safety School
Each new contractor is required to attend a Horizon Transport Safety School. The safety school is a 4-hour safety training course for professional drivers. Horizon employs an expert staff of safety professionals who are responsible for teaching this class to our contractors. All contractors are required to attend this class once per year as a refresher to learn new defensive driving techniques.
National Safety Council website www.nsc.org

Safety Bonus Program
Horizon understands that safe driving is a chosen behavior. Contractors have the opportunity to attain additional compensation by driving consecutive safe miles. Our safety bonus program is designed to reward safe contractors. To view the current safety bonus program, please click here

Safety is an attitude and it all starts with you!



Level 1 10,000 Miles Horizon Hat

Level 2 25,000 Miles Horizon Hat or Shirt

Level 3 50,000 Miles Horizon Hat and Shirt
Name Recognition in Company Newsletter

Level 4 100,000 Miles 100,000 Mile Club Horizon Jacket
$100 fuel card
Name Recognition in Company Newsletter

Level 5 250,000 Miles 250,000 Mile Club Horizon Jacket
$250 fuel card
Name Recognition in Company Newsletter

Level 6 500,000 Miles 500,000 Mile Club Horizon Jacket
Press release to area newspapers
Name Recognition in Company Newsletter

Level 7 1,000,000 Miles 1,000,000 Safety Mile Plaque
1,000,000 Mile Club Horizon Jacket
Name Recognition in Company Newsletter
Release from Horizon Damage Deposit
Press release to area newspapers
3 day / 2 night vacation package
Press release to contractor's hometown newspaper
Recognition dinner with management

How the Safety Rewards Program Works

  1. Safety Rewards Program began November 1st, 2001. All contractors start with zero (0) safety miles.
  2. Contractors will receive rewards for each Safety Level as described above.
  3. Contractors successfully reach each safety level by driving accident and damage free during the miles listed. If any accident or damage occurs, the contractor will lose all accumulated safety miles and start over at zero (0). Contractors can earn rewards for each level only once.
  4. Mileage for the Safety Rewards Program will be based on all loaded miles you have driven as recorded by Horizons' dispatch records.
  5. Horizon Transport, Inc reserves the right to substitute a reward, alter or discontinue the Safety Rewards Program at any time.
  6. Contractors are to report any accidents or damages to the Horizon Safety Department at the Wakarusa terminal. Failure to report any incident within 24 hours will result in a complete loss of safety miles.
  7. The Safety Rewards Program is separate and distinct from any other program or contract that Horizon Transport has offered, or will offer in the future.
  8. The Safety Committee reserves the right to settle any and all disputes and its decisions are final. The Safety Committee is comprised of the Vice President, Safety Director, Director of Personnel and a driver.
  9. Safety miles accumulate year to year as long as the contractor remains active and eligible in the program. One (1) dispatch every thirty (30) days is required to remain active unless you are on personal medical leave. If this is the case, you will need a doctors release and you may need a new DOT physical.
  10. At the request of the insurance carrier, and as agreed at time of retention, all contractors are to attend a National Safety Council Safety Meeting annually or after any accident or damage, or as deemed necessary by the Horizon Safety Department.
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