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How much money can I make?

Making money as a driveaway contractor is dependant on many factors. The first being how many loaded miles you can produce. Most of the loads Horizon delivers originate from North Central Indiana and Oregon. There are load opportunities around the country to help reduce the deadhead you will incur. Your ability to complete your loaded miles are always subjected to other factors like available drive time, weather conditions, delays and your investment in activity.

The following section is designed to allow you to understand what the average Horizon contractor has earned over the last 30 days of activity. This information is updated each Tuesday morning.

Note: All contractors are responsible for the fuel expense to deliver the vehicle



Safety Bonus Program


Contractors also have a means of increasing their base fee by attaining consecutive safe driving mileage levels. Please click here to see the safety bonus program.


  Base rate per mile
(fuel surcharge included)
Driveaway (motorized delivery) $.75 to $1.20 per mile
  Fee includes fuel surcharge

Drive-Away Service encompasses the commercial transportation of vehicles under their own power, rather than transporting them on a flatbed trailer or via towing. Drive-Away contractors literally get in and drive vehicles to their destinations, for hire.
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Tow-Away Service encompasses the commercial transportation of towable vehicles (i.e. trailers). Tow-Away contractors own and operate their own "power unit". In the Recreational Vehicle Transport sector, a dual rear wheel (dually) pick-up truck is typically the power unit of choice.
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Flatbed Service encompasses the commercial use of a truck and trailer designed to carry one or more vehicles, like smaller RV Trailers. It also encompasses the use of trucks which are designed to haul one trailer and tow another.
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