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Contractor Services

As a Horizon contractor you will have access to many features that will help enhance your service to Horizon. Horizon is a transportation company that believes in utilizing the latest automation and communication processes to enhance your ability to service and earn money. These are some of the features that we offer the contractor.

  1. Automated Dispatch
    We post all of our loads to our system the moment the order from the customer is submitted. Subsequent to completing 25,000 consecutive safe delivery miles while maintaining substantial compliance with DOT rules and regulations, an active contractor will have 24/7 access to view and select loads directly through the internet, anywhere in the country. This feature is key to your success. It allows, you, the contractor to be in total control of load commitment decisions. We have many vehicles available from many origin points around the country. This access will allow you the ability to plan where you deliver and help reduce your deadhead.
  2. E-mail
    We communicate very effectively to your e-mail address. Each week we send out an Operational Update that allows our valued contractors information to what is going on, current updates, upcoming events, etc. We feel that it is important to let the contractor know what is going on when it happens. This e-mail communication offers the contractor the chance to make decisions with current factual information.
  3. Discount Services Partners
    When a contractor arrives at Horizon for the first day of orientation, they are given a discount services package that contains discount access to major service providers around the country. Click here
  4. 2-Day Orientation
    Horizon has embraced the belief that if you properly instruct and guide a contractor as to what is expected from the customer, a contractor will be successful. Horizon initiates this belief with a very comprehensive 2 day orientation. Orientation is designed to make sure the contractor understands what services we offer the customer and how to service the customer. We feel that this will allow you to have a more productive and enjoyable time delivering vehicles around the country.
Drive-Away Service encompasses the commercial transportation of vehicles under their own power, rather than transporting them on a flatbed trailer or via towing. Drive-Away contractors literally get in and drive vehicles to their destinations, for hire.
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Tow-Away Service encompasses the commercial transportation of towable vehicles (i.e. trailers). Tow-Away contractors own and operate their own "power unit". In the Recreational Vehicle Transport sector, a dual rear wheel (dually) pick-up truck is typically the power unit of choice.
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Flatbed Service encompasses the commercial use of a truck and trailer designed to carry one or more vehicles, like smaller RV Trailers. It also encompasses the use of trucks which are designed to haul one trailer and tow another.
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