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Driver qualifications
  • Horizon Transport's independent contractor drivers must be at least 23 years of age.

  • Driving experience: No commercial driving experience is required to become a driveaway driver. We do, however, require you to list at least 20,000 miles with a larger vehicle such as a Motorhome, U Haul Truck, Ect., Please list all of your personal and or professional driving experience on your application. Picture of the larger vehicle you drove may be required for review.

  • License requirement
    A minimum of a CDL B (with airbrakes) or 50,000 verifiable safety miles from a "like carrier" is required for our Driveaway Division.

  • Acceptable PSP: (Only CDL drivers need a PSP) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's pre-employment screening progrm (PSP):
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's pre-employment screening program (PSP) is a program that helps motor carriers make more informed hiring decisions by providing electronic access to a driver's crash and inspection history from the MCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS). PSP records are now available for motor carriers and commercial drivers.

    You may obtain a PSP by clicking this link:

  • Acceptable MVR- Reports will be checked for the previous 3 years. It cannot contain more than 1 moving violation or a total of 4 points. There must be no moving violation suspensions.


    A history of Drug-related convictions, DUI, DWI, OWI, careless driving, reckless driving or habitual
    offender convictions will disqualify an applicant from further consideration.

  • Full 10 year work history - You must document a full 10 year work history on your application.

  • Pass a background check
  • Pass a company road test

  • Pass a DOT Drug test - Pre lease drug testing must be done in Wakarusa on day 1 of orientation. The cost is $25

  • Pass a DOT physical - May use existing physical if it has been administered within the previous 6 months of your application date. Physical testing can be done locally for $55

  • Must have a home number, which can be the same as the cell number.
    Must have a cell number
    (We ask that you come to orientation with an active cell phone and voice mail established.)

  • $50 Plate deposit - Each contractor will be assigned a transporter plate at orientation. You will be required to submit a $50 deposit for your plate.

  • $1500 Damage Deposit - Each qualified contractor is responsible to pay a damage deposit during the orientation period.
      Methods of payment.
    • Personal check, money order or cash.

    • You may have 10% of each trip deducted until you attain the $1500 level.

      Footnote: In the event that a contractor de-leases, prior to completing 25 loads, a $250 administrative fee will be charged against the deposit.

Drive-Away Service encompasses the commercial transportation of vehicles under their own power, rather than transporting them on a flatbed trailer or via towing. Drive-Away contractors literally get in and drive vehicles to their destinations, for hire.
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Tow-Away Service encompasses the commercial transportation of towable vehicles (i.e. trailers). Tow-Away contractors own and operate their own "power unit". In the Recreational Vehicle Transport sector, a dual rear wheel (dually) pick-up truck is typically the power unit of choice.
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Flatbed Service encompasses the commercial use of a truck and trailer designed to carry one or more vehicles, like smaller RV Trailers. It also encompasses the use of trucks which are designed to haul one trailer and tow another.
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